Masquerade Musicale 2022

Several students from the Studio participated in Masquerade Musicale on Saturday October 29, 2022, at Caffé Vivace. They were: Sofia Arthur, Liam Johnson, Michael Wagner, Adi Duggal, Ahana Duggal, Myra Sahay, Daphne Steele, Sarah Kelleher, Sofie Kelleher, and Tobin Kelleher.

Congratulations to all of them on a great performance!

Masquerade Musicale 2021

Ten of Dr. Rua’s students performed on October 30th at the Masquerade Musicale, at Willis Music, Florence, KY. The participants from the studio were: Amelia Hossain, Michael Wagner, Daphne Steele, Myra Sahay, Julia DiBenedetto, Adi Duggal, Ahana Duggal, Sarah Kelleher, Tobin Kelleher, and Sofie Kelleher.

Congratulations to all participants, what a fun event!

Here is the program for the event:

Masquerade Musicale 2020, online

Thank you to all the studio participants! This was a fun project, we get to see you on your Halloween costumes playing your pieces.
Here are the video submissions for the online Masquerade Musicale 2020:

Anu Pallanti and Tarini Narayan-Saran each won a $50 prize for the categories of Spookiest Song and Happiest Halloween respectively.

Thank you to OhioMTASouthwest for organizing the event!