Studio Recital May 19th, 2017


Dr. Olga Rua’s studio Recital was on May 19th in the CMA Wilkinson Recital Hall.  This Recital included as a special guest, CMA’s violin/cello instructor Claire Timmerman, who performed a piece with Dr. Rua at the piano at the  end of the Recital.

The performers of the evening included:  Helena Rosa, Mercedes Rosa, Mathias Weil, Jade Kramer-Wine, Bastian Weil, Arin Kolshorn, Dr. Olga Rua, Reid Pfaltzgraff-Carlson, Claire Timmerman, Vesper Grosse, Bennett Grosse, Aarya’s Davit, Krishen Davit, Diego Ramirez Guzman.

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