Studio Awards 2017-2018

Annual Studio Awards Dr. Olga Rua Piano Studio:

These awards recognize students’ achievements and hard-work during the year 2017-2018.  At the end of each year, from September to August, all the preparation points that each student has earned for each lesson are added.  Here are the Award recipients:

Distinguished Performer Trophy:  For students who consistently perform at a very high level and advance quickly through graded repertoire.  With a cumulative score of 350 or more points.  They are:  Juniper Fairfield and Soren Fairfield.

Distinguished Performer:  For students who are often recognized for the high quality of performances in local evaluation events.  With a cumulative score from 330 to 349.  This year is:  Reid Pfaltzgraff-Carlson.

Special Achievement:  Recognizes students who consistently do well in both lessons and local events. Their cumulative points are from 310 to 329.  They are:  Willa Cooper, Aarya Davit, Helios Arias, and Krishen Davit.

Honors Medal:  Recognizes students who advance at a steady pace and participate in some local events.  Their cumulative points through the year are from 290 to 309.  They are:  Mihindu Wijesekera, Diego Ramirez Guzman, Mateo Ramirez Guzman, and Julia DiBenedetto.

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