Studio Awards 2018-2019

Here are the students who received and award for their dedication and hard work last school year:

Achievement Awards:
Here are the students who achieved a milestone this past year:

ApprenticeTrophy for beginner students that move into Early-intermediate level:

Mathias Weil

Samantha Puthoff 

Mihindu Wijekesera 

Soren Fairfield 

Adi Duggal

Diego Ramirez Guzman

Skilled Trophy for Intermediate students that move into Late-intermediate level:

Reid Pfalzgraff-Carlson

Annual Awards:
This award rewards mainly attendance and preparation for each lesson.  

Depending of their cumulative points:

Distinguished Performer Trophy:

Krishen Davit (with 367 points)

Adi Duggal (with 357 points)

Distinguished Performer Medal (Gold):

Helios Arias (with 349 points)

Aarya Davit (with 346 points)

Soren Fairfield (with 346 points)

Reid Pfaltzgraff-Carlson (with 342.5 points)

Colten Frentzel (with 338 points)

Mathias Weil (with 337 points)

Juniper Fairfield (with 335 points)

Special Achievement Medal (Silver):

Penny Cooper (with 349 points)

Michelle Barker (with 319 points)

Honors Medal (Bronze):

Abigail Soares (with 307 points)

Willa Cooper (with 306 points)

Jade Kramer-Wine (with 305 points)

Owin Abeysinghe (with 305 points)

Gabriela Santiago (with 301 points)

Diego Ramirez Guzman (with 291 points)

These Awards will be given during the lesson of the first week of September.  Here are the specific guidelines for each award:

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