2nd Practice Competition, winners

Kevin Snyder is the champion of the 2nd Practice Competition Dr. Rua Piano Studio, with 70 hours and 10 minutes of practice during the month of September 2019. He is the winner of $150, which he donated to the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and to the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.

Gold award: Kevin, with 10 hours each week of the competition

Silver award: Reid and Krishen, with 7 hours each week of the competition

Bronze award: Myra, Helios, and Abby, with 5 hours each week of the competition

Aggregate targets awards:

For 30 hours reached during the competition: Kevin, Diego, Jackie, Aarya Willa, and Krishen

For 25 hours reached during the competition: Sachet, Reid, Jonathan, Myra, Mihindu, Helios, and Abby

Consistency award for students who didn’t skip a single day of practice during the life of the competition: Sachet, Kevin, Diego, Reid, Mateo, Myra, Colten, Helios, and Owin

Most practice by a Mondatstudent: Krishen with 33 hours 20 minutes

Most practice by a Tuesdaystudent: Myra with 25 hours 47 minutes

Most practice by a Thursdaystudent: Willa with 51 hours 45 minutes

Most practice by a Fridaystudent: Kevin with 70 hours 10 minutes

Most practice by a Saturdaystudent: Jonathan with 29 hours 45 minutes

Most practice by a Sundaystudent: Diego with 34 hours 36 minutes

Other category winners:

Best single day: Kevin, with 9 hours in one day.

Most consecutive days of at least 30 minutes: Reid, with 28 days in a row.

Most practice over a weekend: Kevin, during the weekend of September 14-15, with 10 hours 10 minutes.

Highest minimum practice recorded: Reid, with 30 minutes minimum.

Most practice by a beginner: Willa, with 51 hours 45 minutes.

Most days overall of 90 minutes or more: Kevin, with 22 days over 90 minutes.

Fewest days of 10 minutes or less: Myra, Helios, Kevin, Reid, and Mateo, with 0 days under 10 minutes.

Great start: Kevin, the student who did the most practice during the first week of the competition, with 17 hours 35 minutes.

Highest total for the “double day:” Kevin, with 9 hours.

Thank you to all the participants of the competition for their hard work and dedication: Colten, Aarya, Krishen, Helios, Abby, Soren, Juniper, Jade, Ahana, Adi, Myra, Diego, Caroline, Marianna, Julia, Mihindu, Willa, Penny, Samantha, Kevin, Reid, Daphne, Jonathan, Owin, Sachet, Mathias, Michelle, Mateo, and Pablo.

Congratulations to all of you!

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