Students of the month, December 2020

For the month of December 2020, the studio had three students with the highest preparation points. With a tie of 30 points out of 30, the students of the month for December 2020 were:

Helios Arias

Helios is 9 years old, and he is in the 4th grade at Spencer Center. His favorite things to do are reading, drawing and doing puzzles.

Katie Nguyen

Katie just started lessons in November 2020, she is doing a terrific job being very well-prepared for her piano lessons. She always wanted to learn how to play the piano, in her own words “it is something I always wanted to do.” Katie’s son is also taking lessons at CMA.

Saharsh Stanley

Saharsh is seven years old and in second grade at Sands Montessori. He likes Harry Potter and Legos. He loves watching football and playing any game. 

Congratulations to all three!

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