Studio Awards 2021-2022

As the piano studio’s year comes to an end, it is award time! Let’s honor the students who were best-prepared for each lesson during the school year September 2021 to August 2022.

Here are the students who received an award for their dedication and hard work last school year: 

Student of the Year

Each student earns preparation points for each lesson. The student with more points each month becomes “Student of the Month”; the student with this honor for more months during the school year becomes “Student of the Year.” 

For 2021-2022 the Student of the Year is:  Curtis Grannan

Curtis Grannan

Curtis was student of the month threes times during the year 2021-2022

Achievement Awards

Students who achieve a milestone this past year:

Apprentice Trophy: (Beginner students that move into Early-Intermediate level)

Anuhya Pallanti


Myra Sahay

Skilled Trophy: (Intermediate student that moves into Late-Intermediate level)

Mathias Weil

Master Trophy: (Early-Advance student that moves into Advanced level)

Krish Ranjan

Annual Awards 

Students who excel in attendance and preparation:

Distinguished Performer Trophy: (350 or more points)

Anuhya Pallanti
Sofie Kelleher

Distinguished Performer Gold Medal: (330-349 points)

Amelia Hossain
Curtis Grannan


Michael Wagner
Myra Sahay


Liam Johnson

Special Achievement Silver Medal: (310-329 points)

Sofia Arthur
Sarah Kelleher


Ahana Duggal
Daphne Steele
Tobin Kelleher


Demi Shan

Honors Bronze Medal: (290-309 points)

Penny Cooper
Helios Arias


Soren Fairfield
Abigail Soares
Marianna Gehring

For specific guidelines for each award please visit: here

Congratulations to all awards recipients!

Student of the month July, 2022

For the month of July, the “Student of the Month” is Sofia Arthur. She is currently on level 2B of Faber Piano Adventures and started to learn some Jazz pieces.
Congratulations Sofia on this achievement!