Students’ Virtual Piano Recital, July 31st, 2020.

Hello everyone and welcome to our first virtual recital!

Our recital showcases a wide variety of levels from young beginners right through to advanced students.  The performers are in no special order.

Even during this difficult time with the pandemic, these young performers have kept learning and practicing their pieces.  Each should feel very proud of what they have achieved and of all they have learned.

We are not only celebrating the fact that your children are learning to play the piano, but that they are willing to share this gift with others—through video. Thank you to the students for preparing these videos.

I’d like to thank the parents. I am truly grateful for your dedication on helping them with their practice, being supportive and enthusiastic, and for making time to make these videos. Feel free to share these links with your family and friends.

And now get ready to begin! 

Click on this link to the videos of all performers: 

Click here for the program: 


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