Studio Awards 2019-2020

As the piano studio year (from September to August) comes to an end, it is time to award the studio medals and trophies to those students who either achieve a certain milestone (Achievement Awards) or who are the best-prepared for each lesson (Annual Awards).

Here are the students who received an award for their dedication and hard work last school year: 

Achievement Awards

Here are the students who achieve a milestone this past year:

Apprentice Trophy: 

for beginner students that move into Early-intermediate level:

Helios Arias, 

Pablo Ramírez Guzmán, 

Aarya Davit, 

Krishen Davit

Skilled Trophy: 

for intermediate students that move into Late-intermediate level:

Jonathan Reno

Master Trophy: 

for Early-advanced students that move into Advanced level:

Abigail Soares

Annual Awards

This awards reward mainly attendance and preparation for each lesson:

Student of the Year: 

Each students earns preparation points for each lesson. The student with more points each month becomes “Student of the Month”; the student with this honor for more months during the school year becomes “Student of the Year:” 

Diego Ramírez Guzmán 

Distinguished Performers Trophy: (350 or more points)

Diego Ramirez Guzman, 

Colten Frentzel, 

Reid Pfaltzgraff-Carlson, 

Ahana Duggal, 

Helios Arias, 

Myra Sahay, 

Aarya Davit, 

Krishen Davit, 

Tarini Narayan-Saran, 

Sofia Arthur.

Distinguished Performer Gold Medal: (330-349 points)

Abigail Sores, 

Penny Cooper, 

Willa Cooper, 

Adi Duggal, 

Owin Abeysinghe, 

Mateo Ramirez Guzman.

Special Achievement Silver Medal: (310-329 points) 

Mathias Weil, 

Julia DiBenedetto, 

Saharsh Stanley, 

Soren Fairfield, 

Caroline Gehring, 

Marianna Gehring, 

Sachet Abeysinghe,  

Pablo Ramirez Guzman, 

Daphne Steele.

Honors Bronze Medal: (290-309 points)

Gabriela Santiago

Here are the specific guidelines for each award:

Congratulations to all awards recipients!

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